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Jeevan Chakra is a deposit product, which encapsulates 7 sub-products, that aims to cater entire banking needs of a natural person from the point of birth to elderly stage of life. The novel product features offered under Jeevan Chakra, are segregated for seven different life stages to best match respective age group characteristics and to cater entire banking needs of an individual.

Sub-Products under NMB Jeevan Chakra


Joshila Haath

Dridh Aakansha

Naulo Soch




New Born to 12 years

13 - 18 years

19 - 24 years

25 - 32 Years

33 - 45 Years

46 - 60 Years

61 Plus Years


  • From Infant to Elderly (no age restriction) Nepali individual


  • Completely filled Personal Account Opening Form
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  • One passport size photograph


Since JC is a life-cycle based product, following are the key product features (generic).

  • Auto transition of an account type to next in customer's lifecycle, based on customers age
  • Free scheme change facility for all accounts ( Not applicable if account is transferred to Jeevan Chakra from other saving schemes)
  • Free ASBA
  • Multiple product features under each sub product
  • Product features to match life characteristics and sub products to be separated based on individual’s age

Note: Other documents as per Bank laid down procedures, as applicable


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