NMB Bank

Interest rate

Effective Date : Magh 1, 2079 (January 15, 2023)
Base Rate and Interest Rate of Past Three Years
Deposit Products  
LCY Saving Deposits Rates Per Annum Minimum Balance (NPR)  
Saral Muddati Bachhat Khata 8.42% NIL  
Sambriddha Gandaki Bachat Khata (Product for Gandaki Province Only) 6.42% 1,000  
NMB Premium Super Talab Khata 8.42% NIL  
NMB Super Talab Khata 6.42% NIL  
NMB Sahara Bachat Khata 6.42% 1,000  
NMB Umanga Bachat Khata 6.42% 100  
NMB Talab Khata 6.42% NIL  
NMB Manyajan Bachat Khata 8.42% NIL  
Nari Bachat Khata 6.42% 100  
Atulya Bachat Khata 6.42% NIL  
Sulav Muddati Savings 6.42% NIL  
Micro Bachat Khata 6.42% NIL  
Sabaiko Sahara Bachat Khata (Available only for Unbanked population) 6.42% 100 (100 Deposited by Bank)  
Social Security Savings 6.42% NIL  
Surakchhit Jeevan Bachat Khata 6.42% 1,000  
Namaste Savings 6.42% 10,000  
Metro Card Savings 6.42% 100  
Metro POS Savings 6.42% 100  
NMB Smart Savings - Digital 6.42% NIL  
Normal DO Savings 6.42% NIL  
NMB Jeevan Chakra 6.42% 5,000 to 50,000  
NMB Samman Bachat Khata 6.42% 10,000  
NMB Investor Savings 6.42% NIL  
NMB You-Wah Digi Savings 8.42% NIL  
NMB Sahara Gold 8.42% 5,000  
NMB Ujyalo Pariwar Bachat Khata 8.42% NIL  
NMB Ujyalo Pension Bachat Khata 8.42% NIL  
NMB Smart Nari Bachat Khata 8.42% NIL  
Aapan NMB Bachat Khata (For Madhesh Pradesh Only) 8.42% NIL  
FCY Deposits (Individual/Institution) Fixed-3 Months and Above  Saving Call
US Dollar-USD 7.25% 5.25% Up to 50% of Saving Deposit
Great Britain Pound-GBP 5.75% 4.50%
EURO-EUR 4.70% 3.50%
Canadian Dollar-CAD 4.75% 4.25%
Australian Dollar-AUD 4.75% 3.75%
Japanese Yen-JPY 3.25% 2.00%
Chinese Yuan-CNY 4.00% 3.00%
Other FCY Deposits Central Bank rate plus Up to 4% Central Bank rate plus Up to 2.5%
NMB Namaste FCY FD (min. 1 years) *product for Non Resident Nepalese Only
USD 7.25% Minimum $1,000 or equivalent  
GBP 5.75%  
EUR 5.00%  
CAD 4.75%  
AUD 5.00%  
Recurring Deposit Rates Per Annum    
NMB Mero Kramik Khata(Recurring Deposit) 11.00% Multiples of 1,000  
Call Deposit Rate-LCY Upto 3.21%  
Fixed Deposit      
Products/Tenure Institution Individual  
3 Months 9.000% 11.00%  
4 Months to Below 1 Year 9.000% 11.00%  
1 Year - 5 Years 9.000% 11.00%  
Manyajan Muddati (1 year)   11.00%  
Saral Muddati Bachhat Khata   11.00%  
NMB Smart FD- 1 year*   11.00%  
Mero Muddati Khata-Tenure: 3 Months to 5 Years   11.00%  
Note: 1%  additional interest rate on above mentioned Individual Deposits will be applicable for inward remittance  
*Interest rate for NMB Smart FD for other tenures shall be same as the rates provided for normal FD  
Loan Products   % Per Annum on Base Rate  
Cash Credit / Overdraft BR+ Up to 6  
Working Capital Loan Up to 6  
Trust Receipt Loan Up to 6  
Export Loan Up to 6  
Term Loan Up to 6  
Consortium Loans As decided by consortium  
Cash Credit / Overdraft BR+ Up to 6  
Working Capital Loan Up to 6  
Trust Receipt Loan Up to 6  
Term Loan Up to 6  
Export Loan Up to 6  
Bridge Gap Loan Up to 6  
Cash Credit / Overdraft BR+ Up to 6  
Working Capital Loan Up to 6  
Term Loan Up to 6  
Trust Receipt Loan Up to 6  
Interest Subsidy Loan As per NRB Circular  
M-SME & Agriculture      
MSME Loan BR+ Up to 6  
NMB Sulav Karja Up to 6  
Personal Business Loan Up to 6  
Agriculture Loan Up to 6  
Agriculture Loan (Under Subsidy) As Per NRB Circular  
Retail Banking      
Housing Loan BR+ Up to 6  
Land Purchase Up to 6  
Auto Loan Up to 6  
Personal Loan Up to 6  
Professional Loan Up to 6  
Education Loan Up to 6  
NMB Talab Karja Up to 6  
Motorbike Loan Up to 6  
Gold and Silver Loan Up to 6  
Consumer Durable Loan Up to 6  
NMB Sapati Up to 6  
Loan Against Bank Guarantees/SBLC** BR+ Up to 6  
Loan Against Properties Up to 6  
Personal Overdraft(Retail/SME/MSME/AG) Up to 6  
Personal Loan/Loan Against Securities (Corporate/Mid Corporate ) Up to 6  
Electric Vehicle (Commercial) Up to 6  
Electric Vehicle (Private) Up to 6  
Margin Lending Up to 6  
Loan Against Government Securities* Base Rate or Coupon Rate (whichever is higher) plus up to 2%  
Loan Against own FDR*  
Trade Contract Sales-Funded Lines BR+ Up to 6  
Energy Project Under Consortium Financing As decided by consortium  
Hydropower BR+ Up to 6  
Micro Hydro Up to 6  
Solar Related Loan*** Up to 6  
Bio Gas Related Up to 6  
Term Loan Up to 6  
Working Capital Up to 6  
Trust Receipt Loan Up to 6  
Retail Microfinance Loan      
Structured Low Cost Housing*** BR+ Up to 6  
Microfinance retail Up to 6  
Returnee Migrant Loan (Without Subsidy) Up to 6  
Wholesale Microfinance Loan      
"D Class Banks" & Other Inst BR+ Up to 6  
FINGO Up to 6  
Agriculture Co-operatives Up to 6  
Other Co-operatives & Institution Up to 6  
FCY Loan Benchmark Rate plus Up to 6%  
Fixed Interest Rate Loan Products  Interest Rate (% Per Annum)  
Project Financing BR + Up to 4%  
Energy Financing  Interest Rate (% Per Annum)  
Roof-Top Solar BR + Up to 4%  
Energy- Brown Field Project  
Energy- Green Field Project  
Retail Term Loan  Interest Rate (% Per Annum)  
Home Loan BR + Up to 6%  
Land Purchase Loan  
Loan Against Property  
Education Loan  
Personal Loan  
Professional Loan  
Talab Karja  
Auto Loan  
Electric Vehicle Loan  
Other Term Loan  
* Rate applicable as per tie up agreement.  
**For Consortium Loan-Rate applicable as per consortium decision  
***Applicable for new loans only  
Note: Interest rates on loan products do not apply for substandard, below category loan accounts and recovery accounts   
 - Interest rate for environmental friendly housing (green homes) will be 0.5% lesser  
- Interest rate on loan products directed by NRB for any specific sector shall be as per NRB Directives.  
- Interest Payment Frequency on all the Deposit Products will be on Quarterly Basis  


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