NMB Bank

Current Account

Organization can open a current account in its name in order to carry out day-to-day banking transactions. It is a non-interest bearing account with no limit on withdrawal facility.

  • Minimum Balance ranging from NPR. 10,000 to NPR. 100,000 depending upon organization’s size
  • No limit on withdrawal facility
  • Free Cheque facility
  • Free e-banking
  • Facility to transfer certain amount to call deposit on predetermined rate


  • Completely Filled Corporate Account Opening Form


Organization having excess amount in their current account can instruct the bank to open a call account in its name. The interest rate and the amount on call deposit are predetermined. The interest rate on call account is highly dependent upon money market rate.


Organizations can open fixed deposit if they want high return on their investment. Credit facility is also available against corporate fixed deposit, however, board minutes is mandatory in such case.

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